President’s Message

A special note from Don Rice

Serving as President & CEO of First Bank Texas, my first priority is to take care of you, our customer!

When outsiders picture Texas, they think of the famous stuff: Longhorn cattle. Cowboy boots. Football. Oil wells. Sprawling landscapes. Gleaming cities.

At First Bank Texas, we're proud of all of the above. But we have a much more personal view of the Lone Star State. We look out our windows and we see - people.

People who own local businesses - and who work in our shops, supermarkets and restaurants. People who repair cars and trucks - and install our pools and patios. People who teach our kids - and heal our loved ones. People who work the land - and keep our streets safe.

And we've learned one thing about all of them. They have hearts as big as Texas. And dreams to match.

That's what keeps us coming to work every day - providing the financial services and tools that help them live better lives, achieve their financial goals and pursue their dreams.

We've been doing this quite awhile now. Our oldest location opened in Weatherford in 1880. Since then we've acquired a handful of other banks, added locations and ATMs throughout the region, and consistently upgraded our services to benefit our individual, business and agricultural customers.

It's a changing world, and we're changing with it. These days, people want 24/7 banking technology that makes life easier, as well as affordable life-changing loans, convenient checking options and interest-earning deposit accounts.

At First Bank Texas, we're doing everything we can to keep up with the times - and stay ahead of the curve. After all, our customers depend on us to do our best for them.

You have my promise that we will.


Don Rice


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