Statement of Condition

Take a closer look at our financial position

At First Bank Texas, we pride ourselves on our financial strength and stability.

First Bank Texas
December 31, 2022
Assets Total
Total Cash Accounts$9,578,565
Total Due From Banks$14,625,865
Total AFS Securities$177,835,636
Total Fed Funds$6,993,000
Total Loans & Discounts$728,662,176
Reserve for Loan Losses$(9,733,062)
Total Other Assets$69,214,575
Total Assets$997,176,756
Liabilities and Capital Total
Total Deposits$899,387,134
Total Other Liabilities$20,856,683
Total Liabilities$920,243,817
Common Stock$500,000
Certified Surplus$8,045,000
Undivided Profits$74,148,114
Dividends Pd ‐ Common Stock$(4,700,000)
Net Earnings Retained$14,168,122
Tier 1 Capital$92,161,236
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income$(15,228,297)
Total Equity Capital$76,932,939
Total Liabilities and Capital$997,176,756